About ZoeyZo Kids Concept

Hi There!

We are Amber and Chantal Saft, two sisters born and raised in the Netherlands.


  Our mission is to create concepts for kids with the intent to spread joy and encourage imaginative play for children.

We believe that imagination should be at the heart of every childs mind, life and experiences.

ZoeyZo Kids Concept was inspired by the youngest member of the family: Zoey. As proud mothers, our goal has always been to see the smiles on our children´s faces as they develop within their youth. We were encouraged to develop an entrepreneurial adventure that discovered the populair IKEA Kitchen as an opportunity of fun and education for today´s young minds all over the world.

We were enthused to create a new concept where trendy design met children´s dreams and motivated learning.

The creative idea behind our concept and our unique designs are the reason for our success. The stickers are currently being sold in Europe, both in online and physical stores.

ZoeyZo Kids Concept is dedicated to meet the need of parent´s and children´s stylish desires.  Apart from having visually attractive products, we also aim to be educational and foster chid development. 

Quality is important to us. Besides, we do not think that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. We have different designs and colors for each theme, that are appealing to both little boys and girls.

We hope you love our designs as much as we do!

Best regards,

Chantal and Amber