Online application Instruction

These easy step instructions will help you to apply your stickers correctly.

Tips for placement

This is what you need for application

IKEA Duktig children’s kitchen, the 2 stickers, masking tape, a dry towel, credit card or squeegee.

Step 1

Before you start, clean the area of the kitchen where you’ll be applying the sticker. The kitchen must be free from any dirt and grease. Do only use soap and water and let the surfaces dry well before placing the sticker.

Step 2

Place both stickers with the backing paper upwards on a clean and dry table. Rub strongly the entire surface of the sticker with your hand or with a dry towel in order to make sure that the sticker will be 100% attached to the surface. You will also remove bubbles from rolling up.

Step 3

Take the smallest sticker and decide where you want to position your sticker. You may use masking tape to hold it in place.

Step 4

Carefully lift the sticker, peeling away half of the backing paper from left to right. Check that no pieces of the sticker are left on the backing paper. Make sure that the backing is not stuck to itself.

Step 5

Smooth out the sticker onto the kitchen surface with your hand or credit card starting from the left to the right. Always push air bubbles outwards an edge to remove them. Aim for as smooth a surface as you can.

Step 6

Peel away the other half of the backing paper and smooth out the other half of the sticker onto the kitchen using your hand or credit card. We recommend working form the middle and moving outwards (from the left to the right). Push air bubbles outwards an edge.

Step 7

Remove the masking tape

Step 8

Apply pressure using your hand, credit card or dry towel and rub over the sticker to make sure it is 100% attached, flat and bubble free.

YES! You are ready with the first sticker. Follow now step 2-8 to apply the large sticker to the kitchen.

Fine print

ZoeyZo Kids Concept cannot be held responsible for incorrect application of the stickers to the IKEA Duktig children´s kitchen. We cannot determine in advance whether the kitchen is free from any dirt and grease.

Although we treat your order with the greatest care we advise you to check the product for any errors.

After application of the stickers your right to return the product is expired. ZoeyZo Kids Concept cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the removal of the sticker.